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Today’s business environment requires managers who can guarantee long-term results, and succession planning is essential in order to achieve these objectives.

This is a practice adopted by the most advanced multinationals, and in recent years has been strongly recommended by the self-governance code for companies quoted in Italy. Succession planning for the most senior positions in the company, and other positions too, guarantees results, competitiveness and sustainability.

Key2people, also thanks to the contribution of the partners in its international network, has access to experiences and methodologies that allow effective succession planning to be developed, assisting the company in identifying internal and external human resources who are able, over time, to fill key positions.

Once succession planning has been defined, we suggest the succession framework to the client, involving both internal and external candidates. Finally, we develop a map of the key company individuals representing the largest “retention risk”, and for these people we can evaluate the existence of possible internal replacements, as well as the availability of suitable resources on the external market.