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Management of human capital as a strategic ASSET upon which development of the business and the company is based: this statement expresses how we interpret the profession of Executive Search, in other words as a tool supporting the proper and fruitful renewal of company leadership.

A business lays its foundations for growth on its people, on the know-how which it has been able to build and which it must ensure evolves, on its managerial culture and on its values, achieving continual balance between tradition and innovation, continuity and disruption.

Our business consists of helping companies choose the ideal candidates to fill key roles, promoting the spreading of best practice, certifying the reputation of management and, more in general, in supporting private and public organisations during phases of management renewal, in a way which is consistent with how they are organised and their business models.

The ability to survey and understand the market is fundamental: comparing one’s own practices, interpreting evolutionary trends in skills and organisational systems, identifying the best professionalisms available in order to acquire distinctive know-how or profiles with managerial traits which are necessary for the phase through which the company is passing. To help the company in this journey we are able to count on a team of partners and consultants who oversee the various industries from top to bottom, constantly monitoring evolutions in the market and therefore acting as attentive, well-qualified business partners who can steer the choices of management when it comes to new hirings.

We work hand in glove with our international network, IIC Partners, who are able to provide us with the widest possible market reconnaissance when the search is of an international nature.

Furthermore we consider that an induction process, which fosters an effective integration of the manager within the new environment, forms a fundamental part of our work.