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To identify in managers the potential to tackle and conquer the challenges the future holds, to create the conditions for expertise to be best expressed. This is what companies today need.

In recent years companies have had to face up to ever more complex challenges brought about by the significant changes imposed by the market, first and foremost the change that Digital Transformation represents. This situation has required managers to develop completely new approaches, mindsets and managerial skills.

Key2people has developed an innovative methodology to provide company management with two main types of information: Company Value (the “value” of human resources in terms of their performance, potential, transformational leadership and digital culture) and Market Value (the market “value” of the individual in terms of his/her background, the ease with which he/she may be replaced and competitiveness against the managerial offering available in the market).

Our team has developed deep expertise and experience in complex and diversified projects, working with organisations in the public and private sectors, in Italy and abroad.