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In today’s world, with new rules governing the concentration of power, and with the type of capitalism for which the good of society is not a priority common, institutions and companies make progress through the inclusion of all its existing resources and strengths.

The concept of diversity impacts those not endowed with the characteristics possessed by the majority, and who thus find themselves falling within the scope of the minority: gender, race, religion, language, etc.

These days, recognising that diversity enriches, changes and develops the fabric of the community is a fundamental stop towards the growth and maturity of every group and company. Thus the level of diversity becomes a positive sign and of prospects, and is evaluated with great attention from the outside.

Key2people’s natural inclination, part of its DNA, is not to be swayed by prejudice when evaluating and hiring people: first and foremost it applies this rule to itself, and it has made this a key feature of its executive search operations. We stay ahead of the game and are fully committed, taking specific action for the empowerment of women in companies and institutions, accompanying them along the way from their first steps through to positions of responsibility, at the top level of companies and as directors.