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People lie at the centre of Digital Transformation. Customers, consumers, “prosumers” and managers; from lower level employees to the CEO.

They lie at its centre not because they are its objective, but because everything starts with them and from the effort to achieve a continuous, dynamic alignment between the demand for a service and its design.

Continuous improvement which features an ever more engaging User Experience and all the “technological” set-up which allows these services to function.

At the centre of this challenge there are people. With their expertise, their know-how and “technical” skills. Because Digital Transformation involves and demands a response from everyone, through the contribution which each one of us is able to make. Indeed, change only takes place when the entire potential which a company has can be identified, channelled and oriented towards this objective.

Key2people is at the cutting edge of the methodology and tools which support these processes, having cooperated in and managed the change roadmap of some of the country’s most important companies.

The best is yet to come!