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Technology is making rapid advances, and in such a scenario companies are deeply involved in digital transformation processes.

The need for new competencies able to steer company technological choices and guide complex projects to support the business is firmly on the agenda for companies. We treat recruitment in the technology area as a strategic issue, something which should be as integrated as possible within the Client’s strategy and business.

Thanks to the experience developed in the sector, and deep knowledge of the main players in the market and continual technological scouting, we are able to operate in a dynamic, fragmented and competitive sector, responding to innovative, urgent and ever more complex needs.

We operate on two fronts: on the demand side, hiring for key roles in the IT departments of companies operating in various sectors (thanks to our ability to combine across-the-board skills in a technological environment and industry competences through the various practices within Key2people); on the supply side, working for ICT and Professional Services firms. We often work alongside the CEO or the CIO to design the IT organisations able to express the full potential of company investments.