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The Services and Infrastructure sectors are undergoing significant changes, in all market segments and for all models of business. Managers must transform themselves into “infrastructure operators” and “integrated services and solutions providers”.

The boundaries between infrastructure operators and service providers are become ever more uncertain, with new players rapidly assuming positions of leadership in the market by exploiting new business models, integrating the various segments and methods of transport, minimising investments and ownership of physical assets, instead exploiting the ability to manage and optimise complex networks, pricing and “ownership” of the customer, which the new digital technologies are able to supply.

What are needed therefore are executives who can act according to very different models and at a greater speed than in the past, who can enhance and optimise existing assets, and who can improve the customer travelling experience, fully exploiting the opportunities thrown up by digital transformation in order to become integrated and intermodal mobility operators, responding fully to the ever more sophisticated and real-time requirements of customers.

The Key2people team has considerable experience in supporting both “incumbent” clients and new operators in the passenger, logistics, transport infrastructure operation, airline, railway and mass transit sectors.