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Companies operating in the Consumer Goods sector today need managers who can tackle complex markets, which feature customers who are ever less brand loyal.

The crisis in consumption which began in 2008 has hit those multinationals who had a historic and significant presence in Italy, in the form of offices and production facilities. Today many of these companies have reduced their headcount, transferring functions to European headquarters or offshoring them to countries where labour costs are lower.

At the same time, the entrepreneurial Italian businesses which have survived and grown, at home and abroad, have focused on product quality, rapidity of action, resilience and creativity.

To deal with these market conditions it is necessary for companies to attract managers who have had international experiences, who are capable of working in harmony with the entrepreneur and existing management, and who have their fingers on the pulse of digital transformation.

Our consultants have deep-seated expertise and experience in the following sectors: Food, Non-Food and Retail.