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Recent data indicates that digital media at present represents the principal source of information in Italy, even though audience figures for radio and television remain essentially stable.

The origin of this inexorable trend can be found in the possibility which the web offers for users to personalise their selection of content, moving through the well-structured system of news media in order to choose the content of greatest interest, to be delivered using the most appropriate method in every single moment.

These days social networks also need to be included in the list of the most important generators of content, in turn becoming de facto media sources.

To react to this scenario of rapid change it is necessary to embark on a path of Digital Transformation which, by reinterpreting the offering of one’s own business in light of innovative market trends, leads to a revision of all production and sales processes in a way that can help to make the company more competitive, through a recourse to digital technologies, new behavioural models and more advanced technologies.

At the centre of this change lies the company’s Human Capital which, to accompany the transformation in progress must measure itself against new professional skills and a different mindset.

Key2people has developed a methodology which deals with this, applying it to leading domestic and multinational companies in successful projects featuring programmes of Assessment, Executive Search and training, which have accelerated the change.