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Italy’s many examples of industrial excellence are today having to face up to a change in model which requires a new way of running their businesses, a change for which management must be the principal promoter.

The technological progress which is underway (Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, etc.) is bringing about increased focus on core industrial processes, which in some cases implies activities being centralised back in Italy again.

This change in model requires in particular a new way of integrating the company along the value chain.

For management, soft skills such as systemic intelligence and the ability to think laterally, thanks to a mindset which is strongly innovation-oriented, become ever more important.

Furthermore the typical characteristics of many Italian companies require the building of a management team which knows how to gain the trust of shareholders and obtain from them the necessary powers to act, as well as the definition of succession planning to ensure that the “second entrepreneurial generation” can have the tools to fill leadership roles effectively.

The Key2people team, benefiting from long standing experience of Executive Search and Assessment in the world of industry for the most important and innovative companies and exposure to national and international best practice, is best able to support companies and their management in this transformation, including through the use of new proprietary tools for enhancing talent in the Digital/Industry 4.0 sphere.