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The contribution made by the Fashion and Luxury Goods sectors, which features strong competencies from top to bottom and a high level of dynamism, has been fundamental for the country’s relaunch.

Over the years the entrance of large international groups and important financial investors, together with the various fluctuations in markets that have taken place, have increased the strategic importance of the evolution of the business culture within the industry towards becoming more international and featuring greater managerial quality, as well as openness to influences from other industries.

The Key2people team has, over time, developed a distinctive ability to identify and anticipate market trends, presenting to its client companies an international vision and an approach which reflects a careful balance between tradition and innovation, well aware of the need to personalise the service offered so as to generate value in a sector characterised by important players whose positioning can vary greatly compared to one another.

Our consultants have deep expertise and experience in all parts of the organisation in the sectors of Fashion, Design and Luxury.