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Executives working in energy and utility companies have the chance to transform the opportunities offered by technology into competitive advantage.

In a context which features volatile raw material prices, an excess of supply, changes in the mix of generation sources and technologies, plus growing efforts to achieve greater energy efficiency and reduced emissions, energy companies have been experiencing great pressure on their margins and the ability to carry out investment.

It is therefore demanded that managers be further committed to achieving operational efficiency and closer relationships with customers, in order to hit multiple objectives. Trends which see businesses consolidating and combining, fostered by regulations and regulators, require new skills and a far more interdisciplinary approach.

Finally, the impact of digital requires business processes to be revised, in terms of both the market and industrial/operational aspects. Managers must be able to strengthen operational efficiency, growth and development of the business, including in new markets through new services, and to understand the impact digital has on all parts of the value chain. Key2people has deep experience in evaluating and attracting to the sector external talent which is able to add value to the company.