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Drawing inspiration from “Agile Methodology”, the Key2people Digital Team applies a multitasking approach cutting across all industry sectors in which we operate, successfully enhancing the impact that the web, technology and social media have on all models of business.

The Digital sphere represents one of the most important accelerators in the growth of every business, thanks to the combined effect of direct interaction with the market and continual evolution of supporting processes and technology.

Digital skills and next generation organisational structures, deeply interconnected with the market in which the company operates, are required to tackle this inevitable transformation. Digital Transformation impacts both productive processes and operations (Industry 4.0) and commercial processes (Customer Experience), with a degree of intensity and centrality which will vary according to the business model and the maturity of the reference market.

Key2people has developed a methodology for analysing, researching and measuring digital skills, which it has applied in leading domestic and international companies as part of projects for Executive Search, Organisational Benchmarking and Digital Assessment.