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Over 80% of people research brands online before making a decision about whether or not they will do business with them. If you are like most people you Google a new business acquaintance or person before meeting them and you form your first impression based upon what you find online. In 2011, Forbes predicted that an “online presence search” would become commonplace and résumés would become obsolete by 2022. The pace has quickened.

We Live In A Reputation Economy.

In executive search, a Google search creates a triangle connecting the firm, candidate and client. An executive search firm Googles the candidate, the candidate Googles the client and the client Googles the search firm’s online presence. Each are deciding whether or not they will work with each other, all depending on what they find online. The first thing prospective clients do is Google a person or brand, among which is of course their website and LinkedIn pages, assess them, and make a business decision based upon these few simple factors.

Google Is The New Background Check.

Today, an individual or business without a stellar online presence is losing visibility, credibility, trust and ultimately business opportunities. Build your online presence with engaging and relevant content that you are proud of to make a strong first impression.

Specialists in this field, CoolBrands People began in 2002 with a focus on storytelling for brands. They soon realized that the first thing prospective clients were doing was Googling their online presence, looking at their website and LinkedIn page, judging them, and making a decision on doing business with them based on what they found there. It was clear to the founders that: “Your online reputation has become your most important asset,” and that they would need a state-of-the-art online reputation to enhance their business.

You Do Not Have A Second Chance To Make A First Impression.

Brands, companies, entrepreneurs, executives and corporate board directors must improve and own their online presence. Whether someone is searching for an executive search firm, candidate, client, job, consulting opportunity, board position, university, or even a date, Google has become a critical element to forming a first impression.

With over one billion names searched on Google every day, your personal and company brand reputations are at stake. We live in a reputation economy and having an online reputation is no longer an option, but a key differentiator in the digital age.

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by Anouk Pappers
IIC Partners